Wood Door Carving Information

Great River door is known best for our unique & custom designed carved doors. Each & every carved door that we do is custom designed & built to your structural specifications & to reflect your interests & passions.

Each carved door starts with conversation about what you would like your door to look like. The more information you can give us, at this stage, the better we can design something to your liking. A scale drawing of the door unit is then produced (hand drawn) showing actual look of the door & carved design. Once approved, we can start production of the entire door unit.

All of our carved door panels feature our unique sandcarving method of creating our designs. Though a bit lengthy to explain in detail, each design is created separately, then transferred to a rubber resist material that is then cut by hand (no computers or lazers) to create the image that will become your design. After cutting & “weeding” the resist material, each panel is sandcarved (sandblasted) with 2 different grits of sand to remove the background areas of each design, leaving the raised areas that are your actual design.

For many of our carved door designs, other than some sanding & prepwork, this is as far as we go. For other designs, especially those featuring animals, we will ad additional dimension & carved details using a variety of carving tools and lots of sanding. This adds a depth of realism to the animals as well as the surrounding image that can’t be achieved through the sandcarving process alone.

The pictures shown here show many of the steps involved but don’t hesitate to ask questions, we enjoy sharing with you, in greater detail, the steps involved in creating our unique designs.