Custom & Carved Wood Doors

At Great River Door Co., we’ve been turning doorways into works of art for over 20 years. Founded by Brent Manley, a gifted designer and carver, and Mark Erickson, with over 30 years of door-building experience, our small company takes a personalized approach to each project. Our commitment is to quality, craftsmanship, and bringing your custom door ideas to life.

Residential Carved Doors

With our residential carved doors, we start by understanding the structural needs of each client, whether it’s a single door with jamb or a more complex double door unit with sidelites and transom. Our process involves sandcarving images into wood panels, a technique that adds depth and character to designs ranging from simple pine boughs to intricate animal and scenic landscapes. For more elaborate designs, we incorporate additional hand-carved details to enhance the overall aesthetic. Our doors aren’t just made; they’re crafted, with every design laid out, cut, and carved by hand, ensuring a level of detail and quality unmatched in the industry.

Traditional Wood Doors

In addition to our carved doors, we offer traditional wood doors that echo the quality of our carved ones but without the carved element. These doors often feature custom hand-forged straps, grills, or clavos, creating an “old world” or SouthWest look. Each traditional door is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, made with the same high-quality woods and structural integrity as our carved doors. These doors are a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, embodying both elegance and timeless design.

Reclaimed Wood Doors

For those who cherish history and character, our reclaimed wood doors are the perfect choice. Crafted from wood beams sourced mostly from dismantled warehouses, these doors exhibit unique traits like nail holes, staining, and natural wear. Working with reclaimed wood is an art form, demanding careful selection to ensure both character and structural stability. We offer varying levels of distress to suit our customers’ preferences, adding a rugged or old-world charm to their doorways.

Whether it’s a carved, traditional, or reclaimed wood door you’re looking for, contact Great River Door Co. to begin crafting your custom wood door today.