Door Installation & Maintenance

Great River Door designs & builds some really “cool” doors, however, we don’t install them. It’s our desire to put all our efforts into producing the highest quality door unit possible & leave the installation to professional builders & craftsmen who would, typically, be the ones to do the installation. We will work with you, or your builder, during the design process, to assure that your door unit is sized correctly & will provide for a trouble free installation.

Most of the door units that we produce include a high quality, 3 coat, Sikkens finish system. Unfinished doors & door units are optional. We take every effort to assure a finish that will enhance your door & home, as well as provide durable protection for many years to come. As with any wood product that is exposed to the elements, our exterior doors will require periodic maintenance to keep it looking fresh & to protect it. Length of time before touch-up or re-finish would be required will depend on circumstances of your particular door & it’s location. We would be happy to discuss with you, in more detail, your unique situation & what concerns you might have, relative to your geographic location & orientation of door unit.